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Greyfinch began an organic SEO journey with us in May 2019 to improve their online presence. Greyfinch recognised the need for a comprehensive transformation to fully realise the potential of its digital platform, with issues ranging from Wix performance issues to limited content and indexing complications.

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The Challenge

  • Website Performance Issues: Initially, the Wix website struggled to provide satisfactory performance, negatively impacting user experience and search engine rankings.
  • Lack of Content: Greyfinch lacked content, making it difficult to communicate effectively with its intended audience and search engines.
  • Indexing Issues: Technical errors caused indexing issues, preventing Greyfinch from appearing as desired in search results.
  • Less Backlinks: The lack of backlinks affected Greyfinch’s ability to establish credibility and authority online.

The Solution

  • Changing CMS: Moving from Wix to WordPress provided a more flexible and robust platform for developing a website with rich content that is also search engine friendly.
  • Content-Oriented Redesign: Greyfinch’s layout was redesigned to prioritise content, increasing engagement and providing valuable information to users and search engines.
  • Technical SEO: Technical issues were carefully addressed to ensure that search engines correctly crawled and indexed the site.
  • Strategic Backlinking: Greyfinch’s online credibility was increased by implementing a focused strategy for building high-quality backlinks.

There was a 48.92% increase in organic traffic in the first 6 months.

1st 6 Month 2019 SEO

Project Starting Time

Jake hired Ram on Upwork, and we began working on it as a team. We will not dump any random case studies. In addition, we will not present any fancy numbers unless we have proof. For each statistic, we will provide a logical explanation and proof.

The main focuses of the campaign were to-

The Biggest Challenge We Had To Overcome

The site was built in Wix, and the design was not SEO-friendly. The website also has some crawling issues. We are not opposed to Wix but prefer WordPress for most of our projects. Wix was not SEO-friendly (Controversial Points) in 2019, but they have evolved significantly. We are working on a few Wix-based projects that are going extremely well.

The main challenges were – 

  • Issues with Website Performance: At first, the Wix website struggled to provide satisfactory performance, negatively impacting user experience and search engine rankings.
  • Lack of Content: Greyfinch lacked content, making it difficult to communicate with its intended audience and search engines effectively.
  • Indexing Problems: Technical errors caused indexing problems, preventing Greyfinch from appearing in search results as desired.
  • Less Backlinks: Greyfinch’s ability to establish credibility and authority online was hampered by a lack of backlinks.

The Process

We decided to switch from Wix to WordPress. We rebuilt the entire site in WordPress and moved it to new hosting. The main goal was to expand the scope for adding content.

  1. CMS change
  2. Technical audit and implementation
  3. Improved crawling by updating the sitemap, robots.txt, and other technical issues.
  4. Increased the amount of content on the home page.
  5. The content was optimised for targeted keywords and NLP terms.
  6. Contextual On-Page SEO.
  7. Revise the internal linking strategy.
  8. Begun a backlinking campaign.

Organic Traffic Growth

First 6 Months (July – December 2019): Organic traffic increased by 48.92%. Increased visibility was made possible by the migration to WordPress and content optimisation.

1st 6 Month 2019 SEO

2020 vs. 2019: Building on this growth, 2020 saw an impressive 30.20% increase in organic traffic. This upward trend demonstrated the efficacy of the strategic shift and comprehensive SEO efforts.

2nd Year - 2020-19

2021 vs. 2020: Greyfinch experienced an 81% increase in organic traffic the following year. This significant advancement highlighted the combined impact of content-centric design and technical advancements.

3rd Year - 2020-21

2022 vs. 2021: Continuing the upward trend, 2022 saw a commendable organic traffic growth of 26.67%. This consistent progress demonstrated Greyfinch’s persistence and dedication to improving its organic search presence.

4th Year - 2022-21

Greyfinch’s organic traffic growth has been an indicator of the success of strategic decisions and collaborative efforts aimed at cultivating a thriving digital profile with each passing year. The combination of technical expertise, content-driven strategies, and a dedicated approach to SEO resulted in an impressive trajectory of organic growth, confirming Greyfinch’s position as an industry leader.

Organic Search Impressions

Greyfinch has seen a significant increase in impressions and clicks over the last six months as part of a continuous project, highlighting its growing visibility in Google Search Console.

Last 6 months GSC Growth

Organic Keywords Growth

Greyfinch began a journey of targeted expansion in May 2019 with 15 keywords. Greyfinch adopted 327 organic keywords four years later, demonstrating the effectiveness of comprehensive SEO strategies. Consider the size of the industry and market when calculating the total keyword count.


Organic Keyword Growth

…From SEMRush 

SEMRush Keyword Growth

Referring Domain Growth

Greyfinch’s referring domain grew from 32 referring domains in May 2019 to 333 by August 2023, demonstrating its growing authority in the SEO field.

Final Word

Greyfinch’s journey from launch in May 2019 to current prominence illustrates the transformative impact of strategic organic SEO. Greyfinch experienced significant growth as a result of switching from Wix to WordPress, a redesign that prioritised content, and a methodical approach to technical and link-building challenges.

Greyfinch harnessed its online presence through an integrated SEO strategy, achieving impressive growth in organic traffic, a wider keyword pool, and increased authority in its industry. This success story exemplifies how a thorough SEO strategy can open up new possibilities for online success.

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Organic Traffic

In May 2019, Greyfinch initiated an organic SEO partnership with us to enhance their online presence. They acknowledged the necessity of a holistic digital transformation due to various challenges, including Wix performance issues, content limitations, and indexing complications.


Organic Traffic

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